Improvements to School Bus Mirrors

Improvements to School Bus Mirrors

Tiger Mirror Corporation spent five (5) years analyzing the short comings of rear view mirrors used in school buses.  We visited with bus drivers and mechanics in over thirty states. 

The results of this survey:

The "Competition" (mostly Chinese Imported) Interior School Bus Mirrors 

  • Break too easily when improperly installed or adjusted
  • Sharp glass shards are not always retained in the housing when broken and can cause injury
  • Difficult to adjust and re-adjust
  • Often display a distorted image
  • Block access to the coach's header and storage compartments
  • Provide inadequate field of vision
  • Have a short service life

The Simple Solution is to require Tempered Safety Glass in all School Bus mirrors.

Why is tempered glass the preferred material for mirrors?

  • It is the mirror glazing of choice for rough vehicle environments and has been used on off road construction for 50 years, where machinery is commonly exposed to 5G impact loads and other high stresses
  • Tempered glass meets the ASNI safety glazing standard
  • Tempered glass provides 5x the impact strength of annealed glass of equal thickness
  • If broken, tempered glass breaks into small gravel sized pieces
  • Tempered safety glass is the same glazing material required for use in school bus windows.
  • Flat and convex tempered glass can be mirrored with chromium on the front surface, which will not deteriorate when exposed to corrosive road salts or heating/defrosting cycles
  • Front surface tempered flat and convex mirrors can be cleaned daily for years and not show evidence of scratches
  • Surface hardness of tempered glass is 10x that of acrylic plastic

Tiger Mirrors are equipped with a Single Knob adjustment feature

  • Allows the driver to adjust the mirror without tools
  • Insures that the mirror is always a usable safety device
  • Shortens start-up preparation time
  • Eliminates the involvement of mechanics