About Our Company

Tiger Mirror Corporation is an industry leader of technology and safety in the transportation industry. Our tempered glass mirrors, tri-polymer, adjustable sun visors, and rubber fender mounts were designed after listening to comments and complaints from bus drivers, operators and mechanics. We believe driver and operator input is essential in the development of effective, usable products.

Tiger has addressed problems with product longevity. Tiger mirrors match the life-cycle of the diesel chassis used in most school bus configurations today. As bus manufacturers have worked to create a better, longer-lasting product, we have kept in step. Tiger-Eye tempered mirrors meet the same safety standards as other bus glass components and are four to six times stronger than our competitor's mirrors.

Tiger introduced a product to address the issue of product longevity is a rubber fender mount. Tiger's rubber mounts can repair holes in bus fenders due to direct mounting of the bracket arm to the fiberglass fender and prevent future holes from forming. They are made with all stainless steel components and feature a natural rubber insert which helps to absorb the shock and vibration of road travel.

Our easily adjustable interior rear-view mirrors and our multi-adjustable sun visors can be custom fit on the fly. Traditionally, the driver was dependent upon a mechanic to adjust their mirror for them. A Tiger rear view mirror is easily adjustable by the driver with our patented adjustment knob. With a traditional sun visor, its usefulness is limited to no more than flipping up or down. Tiger's sun visors are adjustable to virtually any position to block the sun.