Answers to Common Questions

How was the Tiger Mirror Developed?

Tiger Mirrors were developed and tested on real equipment in the field and on the road.


What is the difference between a Tiger Mirror product and the competition?

Tiger Mirrors are made from superior materials and optical quality glass for a long lasting, quality product


Does Tiger Mirror Corporation provide products that meet the national specifications for school buses?

Yes. The 14th National Congress on School Transportation has specified that all interior mirrors shall be either laminated or tempered glass. The TigerEye Rear-view Mirror is the only mirror on the market that meets this standard.


Does Tiger Mirror Corporation offer any pilot programs for their products?

If you want to try any of our products on your buses or equipment, give us a call and we will work out a trial program with you.


Does Tiger Mirror Corporation warranty their products?

All of our products come with an industry-standard warranty, but our Rear-view Mirror is guaranteed against breakage for the life of the vehicle.


Are Tiger Mirrors available thru government buying/procurement programs?

Yes, Tiger Mirror Corporation is registered with the GSA and is a Federally-registered, Woman-Owned, Small Business Entity.